What does it mean to be Fair Trade?

What does it mean to be Fair Trade?

May 8th, What does it mean to be Fair Trade?

Written by: Sophie

We’re Fair Trade all day, every day. But once a year it’s great to celebrate with the rest of the global community and say ‘yay’ for World Fair Trade Day.

Fair Trade organisations work towards creating economic opportunities, especially for those who are marginalised. Marginalised groups may include minorities, women, those who are geographically isolated or disadvantaged in some way.

There is vast inequality in the world today. It is undeniable that many people groups have been left behind and struggle for their day to day existence.

Fair Trade enterprises are born to make a difference to this imbalance. They do this by providing decent work and sustainable livelihoods. This mission is at the core of our business.

Today Freeset employs around 300 people, more than three quarters of them women. The majority of our employees are involved in making bags and t-shirts, from cutting and screen-printing, through sewing, quality control,  packing and dispatch.

Most of our employees come from impoverished backgrounds, and have very little education. The training process can take months, and for some they are learning to write their own name for the first time. Those who come to work at Freeset receive a living wage, but also assistance with childcare, legal aid, counselling support and the opportunity to continue their educations.

Here at Freeset we aim to provide the ethical solution for everyday consumer goods – totes, t-shirts, aprons, make-up bags, etc. When you purchase from a Fair Trade Enterprise, you know that you are supporting a business that cares deeply about its people.

When you purchase from Freeset, you help us on our mission to transform marginalised communities in West Bengal, India.

And for that, we say well done you, and thanks.





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