The Fabric of Life…

How often do we stop to consider, when each day we put on a garment, how many hands have been involved with its making

— The Fabric of Life…

Jul 23, 2015 The Fabric of Life…

Posted by: John

Weaving is almost as old as the human race – the art of entwining grasses and leaves together to create fabric was discovered centuries ago, probably as a way of staying dry or cool. Lengths of spun and prepared yarn are intertwined to create woven fabric. Infinite variations of fibres, textures, colours, designs and finishes are now widely available… West Bengal has a long tradition of producing beautiful textiles, including cotton, silk and jute for export world-wide. Dhaka muslin, was so sheer, it was known as “evening dew.”

How often do we stop to consider, when each day we put on a garment, how many hands have been involved with its making – from the sourcing and production of the yarn, right through all the processes of spinning, dyeing, setting up the loom, weaving, finishing… A lot happens in the process of creating fabric before it is transformed into a garment. There has been much exploitation in textiles and the textile industry in recent news… Mahatma Gandhi, considered by many to be the Father of India, once said: “There is no beauty in the finest cloth if it makes hunger and unhappiness…”

A single length of yarn is weak and can easily break, but spin one with another one or two lengths and it immediately becomes stronger. There is also a saying – A chord of three strands is not easily broken. This beautiful truth underlines the philosophy behind Freeset Fabrics – which we plan to sell by the metre, as well the beautiful scarves that are already flying off the looms.

As we establish Freeset Fabrics, the first Freedom business under the new Business Incubator program, the once dominant strand of vulnerability in Sherpur families is being intertwined with two new strands: choice and opportunity. This weaves a new fabric of hope where there was once very little, strengthening and reviving an inspiring heritage and tradition.

Freeset Fabrics has chosen to make a difference by producing beautiful handloom fabric, where the supply chain is clean and demonstrates freedom for everyone involved from the sourcing and preparation of the yarn right through to the end product. We’re building on the successful model that Freeset Bags and Apparel has pioneered in Kolkata. We will provide training, good working conditions, fair pay, and above all, freedom for women to choose what they do with their lives and so that in places where girls are at risk of being trafficked instead they will be able to finish their education and marry when they choose.

Our first collection of beautiful handloom scarves, inspired by the landscape found in the villages encapsulates a message of freedom.

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