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With more than 10,000 women trapped in prostitution, currently, only 2% (Freeset and similar organisations combined) have had an opportunity to choose freedom. Add to this the fact that young girls are being trafficked from villages into this neighbourhood every day and one begins to understand the scope and gravity of the situation.

A broader strategy is needed – beyond just one business. Freeset has proven that a business approach to freedom works. The next phase must leverage this approach by multiplying this model and exploring new ones – at both the source and destination of human trafficking.

The Twin Objectives of Multiplying Businesses

Mina Satra, one of the 20 original Freeset women has a vision of freedom for 10,000 women. One business, regardless of its success, will not be able to fulfill this vision. Offering jobs to a few more women every month while thousands remain trapped in prostitution with much more entering the trade daily cannot be the sole strategy. A strategy of multiplication must be developed with many freedom businesses offering economic choice to thousands of women.

Addressing Source and Destination

Freeset provides choice for women who have been through the horrors of sex slavery at a destination and given the neighbourhood the company has a moral mandate to continue to grow. The question has to be asked though, “why wait until little girls are stolen and sold into prostitution?” Is it okay to wait until girls are taken from their villages, put into brothels, robbed of their innocence and their lives changed forever? Of course not! Both the source and destination need to be addressed. We must continue to keep working at the “bottom of the cliff” in Sonagacchi and other red light areas but at the same time build fences at the top to prevent the vulnerable from being trafficked in the first place. Choice through business needs to be on offer to women and girls at the source as well. A more powerful freedom story is one in which a girl is never stolen and never sold in the first place.

The Freeset Business Incubator has been established to multiply freedom opportunities and therefore freedom businesses at source and destination. We want to help and resource anyone who wants to do the same.

It is as much about your own freedom as it is about the freedom for people trapped in poverty

Interested in starting a Freedom Business in West Bengal or Bangladesh? We can help you do that.

We run the ‘Freedom Exposure’; a year-long learning experience that will help establish the foundations for building your Freedom Business in West Bengal or Bangladesh. Connect with us to find out more about how you can help provide choice to vulnerable girls or those already trapped in prostitution?

Join The Team

If you have got the right skills and experience – or willingness to learn – and a heart for the work, you can become part of the Freeset Incubator team.  As a team member you could be involved in planning and implementing significant change, through the creation of new businesses, and growing these businesses to expand their impact.


Whether you’re doing the accounts, managing building projects, looking after the IT, creating great graphics or designing the next product range, your efforts will positively affect many, many impoverished families. Families don’t just require money for daily essentials like rice and medicines but need a steady income, so they don’t have to send their daughter to the city to work – and we know what that work will be!


To enable our ambitious growth plans, we need: creative people, construction tradesmen and managers, administrators, communications, sales and marketing experts, teachers, business analysts/consultants and other support workers. Check out the vacancies below, but If none of these seem to fit you, contact us anyway; the situation changes regularly and we’d love to speak with you about becoming part of the dynamic Freeset Incubator team.


You can make a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable women and their families.


Find out how you, your organization or community can be part of the Freeset Business Incubator – Click here…


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