The Good Mask

Masks – the New Lifesaver

As COVID-19 spreads rapidly, wearing masks in public spaces has become a necessity of daily life. Medical experts strongly recommend wearing masks as the primary point of defence to containing the spread of the infection. Even asymptomatic carriers of the virus reduce their chances of spreading the infection if they wear a mask.

How do masks limit the spread of COVID-19?

1) Protecting Yourself – The masks reduce inhalation of particles from infected people. Also, when you wear a mask, you are less likely to touch your face and eyes.
2) Protecting Others – A mask substantially reduces the range any airborne particles travel from an infected person, reducing the risk of transmission.

Countries that have adopted mask-wearing culture have shown lower infection rates and deaths than countries with low mask-wearing culture. To fight Covid-19 we must promote a mask-wearing culture.

The Need in our Communities

Our communities are densely populated areas with poor health and sanitation facilities. While " Social Distancing" is critical for communal wellbeing, it is next to impossible for most in our community to practice. Multiple families share public facilities like water, washrooms, and even living spaces. Living on subsistence wages, many in the community must return to work or take on informal work, increasing their risk of infection. Any outbreak will likely have fatal consequences as the living conditions will cause faster person-to-person infection.


While masks may seem relatively affordable, for those at the margins, even a small expenditure is hard to justify. We don’t think basic safety should be out of reach of anyone, and whether people choose to wear a mask or not, we think everyone should have that choice.


For the most vulnerable in our communities, we are committed to making and distributing 20,000 masks, so that everyone has a choice to wear basic protection if they want.

Operating the Right Way

We have been amazed by the response of many of our staff who have volunteered to help us make masks for local distribution. We applied for and permission from local authorities to start a small unit to sewing masks. In the past few weeks alone, we have made more than 5,000 masks thanks to the efforts of 20+ volunteers working 6 hours daily.


We are committed to the safety of our volunteers. Anyone coming to work must pass daily temperature and medical screening. Our factory is sanitized every morning with disinfectant, and all staff adhere to an hourly schedule of hand washing. Masks are mandatory at all times, and workspaces have been set at 2 meters spacing.


All volunteers are issued essential worker passes to allow them to commute to work, and food is catered in to further reduce risk. While it is impossible to totally eliminate the risk of infection, we are taking every precaution we can to ensure the safety of our volunteers, as they work to help make others safe.


The GOOD Mask

In designing our mask, we had to make trade-offs between cost, production time, and quality. However, whatever we did, we wanted to make sure that wearing our mask was a GOOD decision for anyone.

We began by using guidelines from the US Centre of Disease Control (CDC) and adjusted the dimensions to increase face coverage and comfort around the ears. We also modified the construction to significantly reduce the manufacturing time and cost. The result is 2 layers of 140 GSM fabric with a space for additional layers of fabric or tissue to be inserted.

Our masks are made from eco-friendly material. Their large face coverage and easy breathable fabric, comfortable ear loops make it an ideal fit for everyone.

• 100% Organic Cotton

• Washable & Reusable

• Easy Breathable

• 2 layers of fabric with space to add more layers

• Handcrafted by our women

How can you #DonatetoProtect?

A problem the size of this pandemic is overwhelming. While we can’t save the world, we do think we can make life a lot better for some of the most vulnerable in our midst. As the demand for masks is increasing, they are becoming scarce. We invite you to join us in our efforts to make and distribute 20,000 masks to protect the people of most vulnerable communities. When you donate a mask, you save lives

How can you #ShoptoProtect?

The outbreak made us realize the best we can do is use the tools we already have to help those around us. If you have loved the masks and would like to buy some for yourself or gift them to your loved ones, consider placing an order. The GOOD mask is currently available in India, but we are working on options to export the mask. With every purchase, you make you protect someone’s life, pay a living to our women, and share hope and goodwill.

If you are on the lookout for bulk or customized purchases. Send us an email at [email protected]

Points to note:

• Our masks are non-medical personal protective equipment (PPE). They are for common usage, and not in medical or industrial settings.
• Wearing a mask does not ensure you will not be affected by COVID-19. However, it reduces the transmission risk greatly.

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