New trainee, New friend

New trainee, New friend

Jul 12, 2015 New trainee, New friend

Posted by: John

Five months ago when I was new to my role as Sales Manager for Freeset a precious group of six women became new trainees. I knew enough about the harsh realities of Sonagacchi to also know that the shy, slightly nervous group of women being introduced to us in the morning meeting had likely experienced significant trauma and betrayal throughout their lives.

One of the trainees had a gorgeous little boy (about 3 years old) and being a mother of grown children the most natural thing in the world was to admire her little boy. This initial contact started a special friendship. Each morning we look for each other and her little boy would sit on my lap and play with my watch, we learned the Freeset songs together and held hands while wishing each other a good day, she headed off for training and I went to work learning my job.

The most exciting thing about this friendship has been watching her and her little boy slowly transform. It really is like watching a flower bloom, confidence is growing, laughing and smiling comes easily. She has now graduated into a sewing room and I have seen the other women wrap her up in their love and accept her into this new community. She is a naturally loving and tactile person and often reaches out to the new friends around her. It’s hard to imagine what her daily reality must have been like before she chose to start her Freedom journey at Freeset.

Her little boy is also flourishing and I have the privilege of being called aunty and receiving regular hugs. He used to fall asleep the moment he stopped moving and must have been in a constant state of exhaustion. I see now that he is calmer and far more settled and seems to be getting a lot more sleep. A new positive routine, support, and love can change so many things.

Trainees learning to sew

This week another new group of trainees started, they had that same shy, nervous look but I am excited for each one of them. I know that the decision they have made to choose Freedom can bring hope, joy and healing to their shattered lives. I feel deeply privileged to be a part of a community who draws in the broken and the hurting and commits to loving and supporting them as they journey towards freedom.

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