New Freedom Business: Dak Bangla

New Freedom Business: Dak Bangla


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I’ve been thinking about what it must be like for a woman to go home again for that first time. No doubt it’s a trip full of emotions that can only be answered once they arrive. Will the family know what I’ve been doing all these years? Will they accept me back? What will the village gossipers say? Lots of questions that are only answered once there is enough courage to return and find out.

Annie & I visited a friend in a village close to Dak Bangla. We’ve known her for years, having met her in our community in Kolkata. Now, she’s made the move back home to Dak Bangla in anticipation of the new freedom business starting just 10km from her village. She’ll be the first of many girls who will tell new stories of freedom, restoration and hope.

I wish to see lots of women returning home anxious to answer those questions of uncertainty. Why, because they’re daughters going home, looking for restoration and hope and maybe even forgiveness. And we’re going to help them starting with Dak Bangla daughters.

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