Increasing capacity in Tamar

Increasing capacity in Tamar

Aug 23, 2016 Increasing capacity in Tamar

There’s never enough hours in the day to do all that could be done.But with 3 new social workers and a specialist capacity builder & trainer joining the Tamar team they can do more than they have ever done before.


Tamar (a work of the Freeset Trust) is strengthening its services to the women of Freeset and also expanding to serve new business in the Murshidabad region.They have recently made 3 new social worker appointments.2 are based in Kolkata focusing on the women of Freeset Bags & Apparel. Piyas Hazra and Shreya Banerjee both have professional social work qualifications and bring extra strength to the existing team. They are both extremely passionate about their work and focus on the following areas.

• Group therapy
• Life skills
• Individual case work
• Empowerment & education

The third appointment is in Murshidabad (4 hours North by train) and is based out of Freeset Fabrics. Ankita Sinha also brings professional expertise and will have a similar focus as her colleagues in Kolkata. Ankita also lives locally and brings valuable knowledge of the complexities of this community, which differs considerable to the community in Kolkata.??

Capacity builder and trainer– Sue Taylor joined the team very recently.Sue is originally from New Zealand but has been living in Cambodia (with her husband Graeme) for the last 10 years working for Hagar International. Sue has huge experience in the area of professional supervision, social work training and training in trauma counselling. Sue will also be available to the wider freedom business community and her expertise and experience will make a huge difference to the professional health and skill level of the social workers serving in this challenging environment.

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