Hands-on fire fighting training

Hands-on fire fighting training

Mar 29, 2016 Hands-on fire fighting training

There was much excitement around a recent fire safety training course. Many staff had their first chance to use a fire extinguisher which left them more confident that should they ever face an emergency situation, they would be better equipped to handle it.

Talking about fires can be scary and no one likes to think about people getting hurt or their property being damaged but there is less cause for worry if you are prepared. With Freeset Bags & Apparel staff numbering over 200, ensuring they are safe within the factory premises is always a high priority.

We kick started this year with a hands-on training of how to use the fire extinguishers which are handily located throughout the factory. A professional trainer from the state fire department conducted the session familiarizing everyone with general awareness principles as well as the hands-on fire fighting techniques.

The fire extinguishers were something that the participants selected from each department knew about but had never had a chance to use. The group assembled in Freeset’s back yard and after the basic dos and don’ts of managing a fire were explained, the participants were given the chance to get their hands on a real extinguisher. Madhu was typical of many participants, “I never had a chance to try these before. I was scared and excited as well.”

After initial hesitation, the women began participating – a few of them even volunteered and took turns using the different kinds of extinguishers. Some thought the extinguisher cans might be too heavy for them to use in an emergency, while others were simply scared of using them, having never done so before. Common misconceptions and doubts were cleared up for all those who received the training. For women like Sangeeta it was a practical science lesson, “I never knew a powder can stop fire. I was amazed.” After completing the course Rupa had gained confidence, “I feel empowered. Now I can ensure my friends are safe in case of emergency.”

Ongoing safety training programmes are an important part of Freeset’s commitment to being responsible employers and upholding the values of Fair Trade.

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