What does it take to get A+?

What does it take to get A+?

April 10th, 2019 What does it take to get an A+?

Written by: Sophie

The Ethical Fashion Report for 2019 has just been released, and Freeset is rated A+, the highest possible score, and a badge we’re proud to wear.

The report titled ‘The Truth Behind the Barcode’, is a collaboration between Baptist World Aid Australia, and Tearfund New Zealand. To create the report researchers assessed 130 companies on their transparency, traceability, policies, environmental management and worker empowerment.

We know that the global fashion and textile industry is a source of exploitation for many millions, so we applaud the hard work being done to hold brands accountable and help consumers to vote with their wallets for a better world.

We encourage you to download the report, as it is a thorough and well-laid out look the ethics and efforts – great or otherwise – of major brands operating in the Australian and New Zealand markets.

Freeset is one of only seven businesses to receieve an A+ rating – so what does it take to reach this mark? This is a brief summary of how Freeset fulfilled the key audit criteria of the report:

  • Policy – We have a code of conduct that prohibits child labour, forced labour and discrimination, and guarantees worker rights to freedom of association and collective bargaining. We make sure that this code applies to all levels of our supply chain, including that of raw materials production. Our code prohibits the use of regular or excessive overtime.
  • Transparency and Traceability – We have traced 100% of our of suppliers, and list these publicy on our website, including their contact details and addresses. We also share our broad auditing results publicly – even if they show something we need to improve!
  • Auditing and Supplier Relationships – We know that the facilities in our supply chain have regular independent audits. We are invested in long-term relationships with our suppliers, which builds trust and stability and increases leverage. We invest in training our managers so that they are aware of human rights and health and safety risks.
  • Worker Empowerment – All our workers are trained to be aware of their rights regarding freedom of association, entitlements and how to use the grievance mechanisms we have in place.
  • Environmental Management – We have assessed the environmental risks and impacts throughout our supply chain and are working towards our Good Earth 2035 vision. All of our products are made from sustainable fibres and we use water-based inks for our screen-printing.

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