Determination pays off!

Determination pays off!

Aug 19, 2015 Determination pays off!

What is so special about sitting in an office and working on a computer? Priyanka of Freeset has a beautiful answer to that.
It is said that some succeed because they are destined to, but most succeed because they are determined to. Priyanka is very determined! She is 21 years old and has taken her seat as the new administrator at the Freeset Tees unit. But this is not where she started…


You have been working at Freeset for less than 1 year, tell us about your journey so far.
I joined Freeset around May, last year. It was my first job ever. Along with a few other women I joined as a trainee in the Bags Department. I had no previous sewing experience. Surprisingly, I picked up the skills fast and moved into production within 2 months of training. Though I was happy as a seamstress, I always wanted to do something more.

How do you feel being the new Tees administrator?
Wonderful. I am learning so much. I am excited that they have chosen me and given me this opportunity.

Do you like your office?
Absolutely. This office is like a reward for all my past hardships as well as a sign of encouragement that I can do better. I feel elated to sit on a computer and work. The computer is my favorite thing in the Tees office.

You already had a basic knowledge of computers as well as English when you joined Freeset as a seamstress. How did you pick up those skills?
I studied till class 12, so I was conversant with the language, but I would often struggle to express myself verbally through English. My husband helped me out with the language sometimes. When I make silly mistakes, we just laugh it off and try again. As for computer lessons, I did a course during my school days, but I hadn’t sat on a computer since then.

Caleb (the Tees Manager) is currently training you for this job. How is that going and what are you learning?
This training is challenging as well as interesting for me. My daily routine starts with language classes with the language teacher assigned for me at Freeset. She helps me with spoken English. On the second half of the day, Caleb teaches me touch typing, reading and responding to the emails, as well as understanding production data and spread sheets.

With so many new things to learn and the challenges that come with it, what keeps you motivated?
My grandmother and my husband are my pillar of support. My grandmother was a progressive woman and valued education a lot. She was my teacher all through my primary school years. Her innovative ways of engaging my attention during studies, planted in me the desire for knowledge. She has always been a source of inspiration. My husband is my best friend. We look out for each other and I know he is there with me in good and bad times.

What is the most challenging part of your training?
The administrative work (using Excel, updating data, keeping account of stock labels and fabrics) is an entirely new domain for me. There are times, when I doubt whether I will be able to live up to the expectations, entrusted to me. But I remember my grandmother telling me that challenges are always there to promote and strengthen you. So, I laugh and say to myself “No problem… I will try again.” If I have come this far, I will not give up.

With the right balance of positive attitude, courage and commitment, Priyanka is pushing her way forward and making progress everyday.

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