Dancing our way to Christmas

Dancing our way to Christmas

Nov 25, 2015 Dancing our way to Christmas

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From home to home and heart to heart, the warmth and joy of Christmas brings all of us closer together. Tamar (a work of the Freeset Trust), has come up with an idea that will make this Christmas – a celebration to remember.

“Movement is important to life and I decided to do a song and dance program, this Christmas with the women at Freeset”, says Arpita Burman, counselor at Tamar.

Around 80 Freeset women are participating in this year’s Christmas program and they are very excited about it. The women have been practicing twice a week for two weeks now. Each group has eight to ten women, performing mostly to traditional Bengali songs. There are even plans for a small stage and colorful lights for special effect so that the women can feel the real joy of being a performer.

“The women come to class with a lot of enthusiasm and this gives me daily motivation. Being a dancer myself, I have been able to design some simple choreography for them to learn. It’s inspiring to see how the women help each other out when someone struggles to learn a step. This also helps the women connect and bond more with each other, building mutual trust” says Arpita.

Thanks to Arpita’s skill and enthusiasm this program has been a great opportunity to use a cultural interface of a non-traditional expressive format (like dance), as a part of the therapeutic work she does with the women. Dance/movement therapy is based on the assumption that body and mind are interrelated and is defined as the psychotherapeutic use of movement as a process that furthers the emotional, cognitive, and physical integration of the individual.

The courtyard of the new Gateway building is the venue. What a great way to celebrate freedom by dancing for the sheer joy of expression making this performance, from the women themselves, a Freeset Christmas celebration highlight – so bring on 24th December, 2015.

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