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Behind The Label

Freeset offers a fully customizable range of bags and tees. Our custom products are manufactured in ethical conditions using eco-friendly materials and printing techniques.

Custom Product


Freeset tees are made from 100% organic cotton, certified by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). That means our cotton suppliers use sustainable farming practices that don’t rely on damaging chemicals, hormones or preservatives.

Rajlakshmi Cotton Mills (, based in Kolkata, is a pioneer in fair trade organic cotton apparel manufacturing. The cotton they use is Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certified, FLO-Fairtrade and Fair Trade-USA approved.

They source if from Chetna Organic (, a farmer-run cooperative of over 30,000 farmers across the Indian states of Maharashtra, Odissa and Andhra Pradesh. Our cotton is organically farmed and free from genetically modified seeds to benefit the soil, cotton and farmers. Crops are rain-fed and hand-picked. Organic farming is achieved through companion planting, crop rotations and on-site green waste composting to eliminate the use of chemicals harmful to farmers and their families.

SSV Textiles provides the cotton sheeting and canvas used in our bags. The fabric is GOTS certified and they are in the process of seeking Fair Trade certification through WFTO.


Freeset bags are made from jute, a natural fiber that is both durable and recyclable. Some of our bags use laminated jute, which comes with a biodegradable plastic backing to help the bag hold its shape.

We source from Gloster Mills ( is one of the few (GOTS) Certified Companies in the jute industry. It is one of the fastest growing Jute manufacturing & exporting company and is a Recognized Export House.

Custom Product
Custom Product

Inks, Dyes & Components

Freeset cotton is dyed using a 100% organic process that doesn’t pollute waterways or harm the environment. Our Kolkata facility uses water-based inks for screen printing, avoiding exposure to harmful petro-chemicals and compounds.

Freeset uses local dye houses which are GOTS certified to dye the natural cotton canvas and sheeting we buy from SSV Textiles. This ensures that workers, the environment, and customers are not exposed to toxic chemicals often contained in fabric dyes.

We try to source our bag components locally through ethical partners. For zippers (one of our key components) we use YKK ( YKK has received numerous awards for their commitment to sustainability and ethical manufacturing.


Freeset products are manufactured in Fair Trade conditions. Our commitment to providing living wages , a healthy working environment and improving our planet has been recognized by the World Fair Trade Organization. Freeset was awarded a Fair Trade Guaranteed status as of April 2016.

Custom Product

Every time you partner with Freeset for your custom order, you’re helping us achieve our Vision for Freedom.