The Academy: A new way of learning

The Academy: A new way of learning

Nov 29, 2017 The Academy: A new way of learning

Freeset has some dreamers! And they dream BIG. Mina (one of the founding ladies) and Kerry (Director) cast a dream to see 10 000 women across West Bengal employed in freedom businesses.


We believe in this dream, and know it will require highly skilled and passionate national freedom business leaders. So, this is what we are setting out to do: inspire a generation of freedom business leaders!

So what, you may ask, is a freedom business leader? At Freeset our most effective leaders RAISE! They are: Relational, Analytical, Inspirational, Servant-hearted and Equipped.

We are committed to supporting and growing freedom business leaders through new programmes, such as the Academy (Advanced Leadership Training) and the New Supervisors Training.

The Academy is a one year part time programme for middle managers and will extend them in areas of business, leadership and ethics. Participants will engage in workshops, online learning, and professional coaching. In this programme they will:

– experience what it means to become inspirational leaders;

– learn the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in business; and

– learn how to make ethical business decisions to benefit the most vulnerable, and see freedom for many.

Our Production Designer, whom most of us know as Avi says, “I am super excited about this training! I see a lot of scope for learning and development here and an opportunity like this will be apt for me. The course is well structured with relaxed periods of academic learning followed by professional mentoring. Laeaning something new always excites me.  I am surely looking forward to this”!

Our dedication to growing leaders extends to all levels of the business. One of the most important roles is Floor Supervisors, who are skilled ladies overseeing production areas. To encourage and equip them for this task, Freeset is trialing a New Supevisors Training course, led by Deba, one of our local inspiring leaders. Currently 5 ladies are taking part in this 8 week programme which gives them the opportunity to share ideas, problem solve, and encourage each other as they step in to leadership roles.

“I look forward to these sessions. They are so motivating”! says Tanu, Tees Supervisor. “The sessions inspire us to look into things with open minds and stay focussed on the vision of the organization. We get to see videos and learn about stories of common people around the world, about people from marginalized communities overcoming their personal and social struggles to become acheivers and successful examples of good leaders.The best part of this session is all 5 of us come together! We interact with each other about daily production issues and we get to learn from each other through sharing which otherwise gets sidelined in meeting the production deadlines. We are also taught to do some critical production problem solving, and about our role as managers and leading the team succesfully”.

We have more dreams to grow our leaders, and to do this we require a team of passionate and skilled trainers and teachers of Business, Computing, Maths, English and Bangla. If you have a passion to see local leadership grow so that we can see 10 000 women employed, then we’d love to talk with you. We’re looking for people to partner in funding programmes, as well as training, coaching and upskillling others. If you’d like to know more, please contact us on [email protected]

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