Changing a Child’s Future

2016 has been a remarkable year for Freeset in achieving some of the highest accreditation's to assure that freedom is at the core of our business.

— Changing a Child’s Future

Dec 20, 2016 Changing a Child’s Future

Freeset’s NEW Child Labor Free certification leads to bigger plans offering vulnerable children, who are surrounded by slavery, a chance to experience the joy of being a child.


2016 has been a remarkable year for Freeset in achieving some of the highest accreditation’s to assure that freedom is at the core of our business. This year Freeset has received its fair trade guaranteed status by World Fair Trade Organization followed by a Child Labor Free certification. Child Labor Free work with brands and businesses to review their supply chains, create transparency and accredit their products and services to attest that no child labor has been practiced within any part of the business. They believe that to make a real impact on this growing issue of children being enslaved, they need to work with brands to create a positive movement of transparency and end the ongoing cycle of injustice behind production.

In India, in spite of policy measures, millions of children are still languishing in deplorable conditions like bonded labor, child labor, prostitution, victims of trafficking, and many other forms of abuse and exploitation. With countless children at risk in our own community in Sonagacchi, Freeset is working towards providing opportunities where they can experience freedom and the joy of being a child. We have partnered with Child Labor Free to build a children’s center at the Gateway—just at the entrance of the red-light area to create a safe haven for the children growing up in the community. The children’s center will open its doors to Freeset family and other families in our community so every child can have an equal chance in experiencing a childhood despite the hardships surrounding them.

In today’s world, consumers are more concerned about provenance, social justice and environmental impact of the clothes they are purchasing and wearing.They feel that it’s no longer only about the looks but it’s an extension of their personality and what they stand for. Take a stand against child labor and slavery, and buy from brands who have joined the journey to support freedom for all. Your decision matters!

Child Labor Free has set-up a way for YOU to get involved! They have started their own tee fundraising campaign where 100% of its profit will go towards building the child center. One shirt purchased can help offer freedom to children in our community. Purchase your tee today and be part of the new children’s center.

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