2017 Kicks off at Freeset

2017 Kicks off at Freeset

Feb 17, 2017 2017 Kicks off at Freeset

Every new year brings hope for new beginnings and opportunities offering a better, prosperous future. With the vision of offering 10,000 women a choice to be free from the sex trade, Freeset continues to carry on its journey for freedom and hopes that 2017 will flourish with freedom spreading in all directions.


New Trainees

2017 started with 14 new women joining the Freeset Kolkata Family and another 8 in Murshidabad. Those in Kolkata have started their journey towards freedom and are currently training to be future sewers at the Gateway whilst those in Murshidabad are learning how to weave. These bold women are either placing their hands on a sewing machine or on handlooms learning the skills behind making quality products and becoming artisans themselves. As the lives of 22 women and their families change, Freeset has always believed in a more holistic development for their women. Tamar provides a strong support system providing each one of them with a case manager and counselor for them to experience a holistic journey towards freedom.This is what Freeset is all about! The 7 Trainees in the Dhulian Center have now graduated and begun production of Freeset Pants while 16 Trainees in Freeset Fabrics have graduated into production. What an achievement and a great way to start the New Year! Multiple trainees across multiple sites means the Freeset Family is certainly growing.


2nd Nepali Woman

As Tamar continues striving to provide Nepali women in Sonagacchi a choice to go back home to Nepal, a Nepali woman who we’ve had a relationship with for five years, finally made her journey home to start a new life. She was one of the first to enter the doors of the Community Center in Sonagacchi. Her journey has formed a light of hope for the many other Nepali women who didn’t know their dream of going home, could actually become a reality.

Tees Move

A high demand for Freeset Tees has made our current tees building too small for the growth we are experiencing! Freeset’s Gateway building is currently being prepared for our big move there next month! The promise of the new space has allowed us to begin training 8 Freeset women, who have years of experience sewing bags, to sew tee’s and for some, that has been their dream. Our move to the Gateway is providing us the opportunity to increase capacity for production that will create more jobs for women seeking freedom.



Tamar Hires More

Tamar in Kolkata has welcomed a new case manager and two more counselors increasing the capacity to increase the caseloads. This will allow them to develop deeper relationships leading to a greater understanding of what services we can best provide for their freedom journey. Along with this new expansion of Tamar, they are moving from their one office to larger spaces allowing growth for their work in the community. Also joining the Tamar team are a number of new foreign volunteers who will provide leadership in child care and the Resource Center.


Another Freedom Encounter

Freeset Business Incubator ended it’s 8th Freedom Encounter program with 20 people from around the world participating, the largest group we have ever had! For three weeks in January, they got to experience freedom businesses, as well as hear from experienced theologians and business professionals. Each participant was on a journey of discovery and many were challenged by what they saw and heard. At the end of the program, a strong bond had been developed amongst the group and many of them expressed how attending the Freedom Encounter had changed their lives.

With all of these events taking place, we are excited to see all the growth and opportunities Freeset will undertake this year for freedom to be a choice to many more. We dream of 10,000 having the choice of Freedom!

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