Freeset Trust

Beyond the business

The Freeset Trust works alongside the business, teaching the life-skills necessary to truly experience freedom; reading, writing, budgeting skills and basic health care.

The Trust nursery provides a safe environment for children while their mothers are working during the day. It gives the children a pre-school education and healthy food to eat (they don't like the healthy stuff here either!). The vision is to empower a new generation to experience freedom from birth.

A job at Freeset is just the beginning of a woman's journey toward freedom. She might be free from the sex trade but a job on its own does not bring freedom.

Poverty leaves people financially vulnerable. Many get into difficulty through circumstance - unexpected medical bills or a death in the family, while others just make bad decisions. Whatever the reason, when someone is in debt to a money-lender who is charging 10% or more per month, they will probably never be able to repay the loan. The Trust has established Mukhti Budgeting Services to help these people. The service gives advice and where appropriate, takes over the out-of-control loans, establishing a manageable re-payment schedule at low, or no interest.

Funded mostly by foreign donors, the Trust is working to provide health education for the women and the wider community as well as pursuing after-school programmes for the children of Sonagacchi.

Donating to the Trust is a great way to support Freeset. If you want to contribute to the work of the Trust, email [email protected].