Get smart - learn to be a responsible consumer.

Consider your impact

As consumers in a globalized world, we should consider the impact of our spending on the global economy, particularly on the human and natural resources expended to create our consumables. How we spend our money influences wages and labor markets-and consequently communities-worldwide. Most consumption is made blindly in the world today. We have a tendency to go for the cheapest, quickest options when we are out to make a purchase. Instead, declining global resources and a larger population than the world has ever sustained should convince us that it is time to be responsible consumers.

Consider the big picture

First of all, we need to ensure that our purchases are not causing unnecessary waste of human and natural resources. Furthermore, as members of developed economies, we should ensure that our purchasing patterns develop communities and strengthen the everyday freedoms we sometimes take for granted. When we shop for the cheapest prices and best deals, we sometimes make purchases that support irresponsible corporate farming and labor conditions that are near slavery. If we do not accept these sorts of practices in our own countries, why should we accept that they are carried out to create the products we buy, even if these products are made in other countries? Freeset Tees is a producer that would like to contribute to your growth as a responsible consumer.

Make a change

Purchasing a Freeset Tee enables women to rise out of poverty and the sex trade. Many women are coerced, blackmailed or forced into India's sex trade by pimps and poverty. Shunned by society with no education or job training, it is nearly impossible for these women to free themselves from prostitution. Freeset offers women the chance to work instead of selling their bodies, and helps to restore their place in society by teaching them both vocational and life skills like budgeting and nutrition. They grow in self-confidence and receive a steady income so their freedom is sustainable.

Purchasing a Freeset Tee helps to decrease demand for cotton produced using dangerous pesticides, child labor and irresponsible land management. Instead, purchasing a freeset tee supports sustainable farming practices that include fair wages paid to field workers, employment of natural pest management, and no child labor.

Download a brochure on responsible consumption (2.1MB PDF)


"From all I was involved in, we were VERY pleased with both projects and the end results. I love that we are introducing the kids to Freeset and all that it entails."
Heather Flies - Wooddale Church

"We are so happy with the shirts and so proud of what these shirts will do to educate and raise our campus' awareness of "good business practices". Thank you so much for making it worth the effort and for making the process easy."
Matthew Runion - Bethel University

"The Freeset Tees are so soft and comfortable. Everyone at the conference loved the shirts and also what they stood for."
Greg Bloomfield - Wood River Insurance

"[We were] blown away by the quality and craftsmanship."
Brad Friesen - Brentwood Community Church, Calgary

"I just wanted to let you know I received the T-shirts and they look fabulous!!"
Emily Hill - Stop Traffick Fashion

"I just wanted to write you at the end of the summer and tell you how pleased we were with your product... All of the t-shirts sold really fast and we were even debating trying to get some more in. People loved it all. So thank you for your great product. Your shirts are some of the best I have ever worn. I now need to buy more so I don’t have to wear my other ones too."
Ginny - Crowsnest Lake Bible Camp

Show you care by what you wear

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