Freeset - we use certified organic cotton

Keeping it green

Our raw materials are sourced from suppliers who use sustainable farming and production processes. This means they avoid the use of chemicals, hormones and preservatives which damage the Earth and are harmful to people. Pesticides and fertilizers used to grow non-organic cotton have an extraordinary impact on the Earth and on those who work it. That's why Freeset sources GOTS certified 100% organic cotton for its t-shirts. The cotton is also dyed using a 100% organic process.

In our Kolkata facility, we use only water-based ink for screen printing, avoiding harmful petro-chemicals and compounds.

To find out more about the organic movement and becoming an organic consumer check out these websites:

Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)

Organic Facts

Organic Trade Association

Organic Consumer Association

To learn more about the hazards of the chemicals used in cotton production, download a report by the Environmental Justice Foundation:
The Deadly Chemicals in Cotton (5.5MB PDF).