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More than just an average shirt

In addition to providing a soft, sturdy Tee, Freeset guarantees fair-trade practices, organic materials, and fair wages for workers at all steps of the process, from the cotton production at small-scale farms to the screen printing of your customized design! What's more, we are proud to contribute to the larger story of our workers lives by providing an alternative to the modern-day slavery of the commercial sex trade.

The story of your Freeset Tee

After the cotton arrives at our factory in Sonagacchi, your Tee is cut, assembled and printed with eco-friendly inks. Each step provides an opportunity for a woman to explore personal, societal and professional freedom.

Match the signature

If you have received a Signature key-chain, match it to a woman's signature here and click on the image to learn more about her. You can match the signatures on your Signature Tee too!