Freeset - Fair Trade and Organic Certified

Sustainable, people-centered products

We believe business has lost its way in the world. For too long, profit has been more important than people, and sourcing cheap resources has been at the expense of the environment.

Join us as we commit to fair trade and eco-friendly practices in a bid to bring business back to its rightful place.

Fair Trade

Fair Trade is a growing movement supporting fair wages and conditions for producers in the developing world.

Freeset is committed to providing fair, living wages and a healthy working environment for all employees. Wages are above the national minimum and all staff receive training, health care, child care, and savings plans.

As a business that subscribes to the ideals of Fair Trade, we are committed to empowering our staff and working to alleviate poverty in our community. We also want to empower you, the consumer to choose products made under fair conditions.

Freeset is a member of the World Fair Trade Organization. The cotton in our Tees is GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified 100% organic, which means it is good for the grower and for you.

Find out more about what Fair Trade means at:
World Fair Trade Organization logo

WFTO (World Fair Trade Organization)