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Gateway Update: Delays to purchase

Aug 1, 2015

The Gateway building purchase has again been delayed, but it is going to happen! Watch this space on August 10.

Having lived in India for a little while, being patient is something we’re forced to learn on a daily basis. There are always delays and despite the best of intentions and hard work that is the reality of living in this amazing country and culture.

July 31 was the day we had hoped to seal the Gateway deal, the day we were looking forward to and ready to celebrate this new freedom space. Unfortunately we didn’t quite manage that but having met with the entire family of vendors again we are confident it will happen soon. Together, we agreed to complete the deal on August 10. The vendor families have also begun to talk about and plan a celebration meal together with us on that day.

Please continue to pray not just for the completion of purchase but more importantly, that the Gateway will become a place where many find freedom leading to the transformation of our community.

Having borrowed some funds to complete purchase we also continue to welcome your help financially. Thank you so much to all of you around the world who journey with us and have contributed generously.

Kerry Hilton & John Osborne