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Keeping boys from becoming abusers

Jul 10, 2015

Tamar is partnering with a hostel to provide accommodation for boys so they can experience life outside of the red-light community while they study.

Tamar is working on a hostel project with boys aged 10 - 14 years old. The goal is to keep these boys from becoming abusers and oppressors by allowing them to experience life in a supportive, caring environment outside of the negative influences of the red-light community. It is hoped that these young men will learn respect for their mothers and that they'll come back and flourish as positive change-makers in their community.

It is a community-based initiative with a focus on boys who have already dropped out of school and whose mothers are currently in the trade. It is also open to the sons of Freeset women when required.

The hostel partnership has a broad, long-term approach in order to engage with the many complicated individual needs these young men have. They also have a long-term view in regard to educational goals and are willing to support ongoing learning through secondary school and beyond to university or technical institutes.