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A generational change through education

Jun 12, 2015

Children within the red light district are extremely vulnerable find out what Tamar is doing to support Freeset mothers with children aged 6 - 8 years old.

Children within the red light district are extremely vulnerable, which is why Tamar – a project of the Freeset Trust – is working in collaboration with Freeset mothers to give their children some wonderful educational opportunities. Partnerships have been formed with both a hostel for girls and a hostel for boys that will accommodate at-risk children aged 6 - 8 years old.

The hostel placements are an early intervention, for children at risk of not attending school or dropping out. Children unsupervised within the red light community (particularly girls) are also vulnerable to abuse. To be considered for the program children need to meet the following criteria:

  • No-one to care for them after school (mainly single parent families)
    • No-one to provide after school tuition (an important part of the Indian education system)
      • Have a parent or parents willing to partner with Tamar & the hostel to support their child's education

The hostels provide a safe, happy environment (including a big grass field to play in) but most importantly they are situated outside of the red light community. Here they have educational opportunities otherwise unavailable to them, reducing their vulnerability to exploitation and improving their job prospects and standard of living. The goal is to bring about a generational change through education. Parental involvement is paramount. The children are only young and keeping the parental bond strong is an important aim. Parents must commit to visiting their children every Sunday and are able to phone regularly as well.

Partnership is the key – Tamar has instituted a scholarship program to help subsidize the costs involved, but parents must also contribute financially to their children’s education and budgeting advice and assistance was made available as they considered the costs involved.