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Moving on up: Freeset women up-skilling!

Nov 30, 2014

Two talented Freeset women share their thoughts as they take on new roles and new challenges within the business

How, when and why did you first come to Freeset?

S - I joined in January 2011, around the time of the Freeset picnic. I am 26 years old. I had been in school, studying for a BA in Bengali, History and Political Science. I was looking for jobs, and whenever I had an interview they would ask me where I lived. When I said "Bow Bazar" [a known local red light district], they always pulled a face and said "that's a bad place" and I wouldn't get the job. That happened two or three times.

I heard that there was work here at Freeset and came in. I was told to come back when Kerry [Hilton - Freeset co-founder] was here and I had an interview with him and with Karl [Weaich - then General Manager]. I got a job!

P - There were problems in my family. I had completed up to Class 9 in school. Then, I was working with Ambika during the day and they funded me to do schooling for Class 10-12. I looked for jobs, but everything was really far away. Then I came across Freeset.

What job were you doing when you arrived?

S - I did two or three days of sewing, but then I moved to printing. For almost two years now I have been the cashier handling day-to-day cash transactions for Freeset. They asked me if I would like to and I said yes; it was the kind of work that I was looking for from the start.

P - I did printing training, but when I graduated from training, Rakesh [printing supervisor] asked me try out fusing instead. They needed someone who could count and write and keep records to do that job. So I had a test period and then I started doing it. We both liked working in printing.

What job are you moving into?

S - I am not entirely sure! I am going to be learning to do accounts.

P - S is teaching me to be the cashier. I used to use the computer a little bit when I would measure the temperature at different places around the factory, and I have always wanted to learn to use one properly. Now I can. I like this new role.

Do you have any dreams or ambitions?

S - I want to have a bigger life! I want to grow and develop. I want to learn much more English. I have learned some but I want to speak it more.

P- I want to learn to use the computer more, and to speak good English. I am always trying. And from childhood it has been my dream to learn to dance!