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The looms have arrived at Freeset Fabrics!

Oct 13, 2014

More freedom is on offer as training begins in Murshidabad for new business

The first products, and looms under installation, at the training facility of Freeset Fabrics

October has been marked by the arrival of the looms and the commencement of training at Freeset Fabrics, Berhampore.

4 women from the villages of Murshidabad, an impoverished district 180 km north of Kolkata, have begun to learn to weave cotton scarves and other textiles on frame looms.

In early 2015, they will graduate and find full employment with Freeset Fabrics, the newest Freeset business. The threat of trafficking to themselves and to their families will be reduced by the increased income provided by their new jobs.

Almost 40% of the women at Freeset Bags and Apparel in Kolkata had been trafficked from Murshidabad, largely because endemic poverty in the district forces the sale of young girls by close family members to avert starvation.

Freeset Fabrics hopes to provide the means to prevent human trafficking in Murshidabad, by offering young women an alternative method of contributing to the family income.

We have a vision of freedom that will mean in years to come that girls in Murshidabad will never need be aware that their place of birth put them at severe risk of sex trafficking.

Look out for the first of the Freeset Fabrics scarves appearing on our distributors' websites soon!