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Freeset Celebrates the Opening of a New Building!

Jun 20, 2014

The facility on Masjid Bari Street houses another bag-sewing unit - more jobs for freedom on offer!

(Left to right: Production underway at Masjid Bari / Bag sewing / Rittik, our on-staff builder

Freeset was excited to mark the beginning of June with the opening of a new building that is now home to a new bag-sewing unit.

Approximately 30 women can be accommodated in the new space, which will ease ongoing capacity issues in the existing Freeset buildings as we continue to grow.

Renovation of the building has taken almost a year and much effort on the part of numerous skilled international volunteers and local staff, to whom we are very thankful.

The building is situated less than a 15 minute walk away from the main factory, on the opposite side of Sonagacchi, the red light district in which we work. It will initially be used by 11 women, with a further eight to move in within the next couple of months.