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Freeset Trainees Graduate Into Production

Feb 17, 2014

Two of the newest members of the Freeset family share their thoughts as they move from training into production

Have you enjoyed the training programme?

“I loved the training programme. It has been my dream from when I was small to learn to do something with my hands, and now I can.”
“I enjoyed it. Now I can go back to my village and my children and say that I do good work and that I work for a good company.”

Have you had any problems, or anything you found hard?

“The most difficult thing was at the beginning of the training when I kept thinking, ‘can I do it? Can I do it?’ and I made lots of mistakes. There was one bag I found particularly hard, but now I have made two of them without any mistakes.”

How do you feel about going into production?

“I am excited and scared about going into production. I am looking forward to it and nervous. It is the same as when we started training, and then it was fine.”

What is the biggest difference in your life today, or the best thing about joining Freeset?

“The best thing about joining Freeset is that now I have respect in my village. Before people would tell my children that I worked in the line, but now no-one can say anything, and if they do, I can bring them here and show them that I work in a good place.”
“I was sold and kept in a locked room, and I was terrified. When I lied to my madam and escaped back to my family, they rejected me. Now I have peace about what happened to me, and I can hope for a restored relationship with my husband who left me and my mother-in-law.”