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The aftermath of the crash

Aug 17, 2013

Yesterday the Freeset women learned of the UPS plane crash.

There was stunned silence at Freeset in Kolkata yesterday morning when the women were told that 13,000 bags had been lost in the UPS plane crash. (Yesterday was a holiday here - Independence Day - so they didn't find out until today). They had worked so hard on making the bags over the past three months. All up the bags weighed in at 3.5 tonnes!

The good news is that the women employed at Freeset will not lose out financially - the loss is fully covered by insurance.

Our concern is for Freeset USA who have lost all their inventory for the lead up to Christmas. They play an important part in what we do as one of the organizations that connect people with our products. This situation will make a real dent in their cash flow. We ask you to be understanding if you miss out on purchasing bags due to a shortage of supply in the US. They do still have limited quantities of stock available to purchase now.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of the pilots who have just lost their loved ones. The team at Freeset USA have designed a special t-shirt that you can buy to help support them. The tees are a way of remembering the pilots and connecting the work of Freeset with those who fly the t-shirts into the US from India. All profits from these tees will be donated to the families of the pilots.

Freeset was established 12 years ago to create employment for women trapped in the sex trade. We offer a choice to women who want to leave the sex trade. We also employ younger women at risk of entering prostitution.