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Celebrating 10 years - Newsletter

Sep 20, 2011

In September 2011, Freeset celebrated 10 years of being in business. This newsletter looks back on some of our history and casts an eye to the future.

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Inside this bumper edition of the newsletter:

The past ten years will provide us with plenty of motivation and energy to dare to believe that freedom can and will be on offer for thousands and thousands of women still “standing in line.” We invite you to share in those dreams, or better still, walk alongside us by partnering with us in the journey.
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In the beginning:
Kerry and Annie Hilton are a couple from New Zealand who came to Kolkata to live and work among the poor in 1999. After quite unintentionally moving into a red light area in the city, they developed a passion for finding ways for women to become free of the sex trade. They invested time learning to speak Bengali and building relationships in the community around them.
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Step through the years and follow the growth of the business from day one (with pictures).
1999 - Kerry and Annie Hilton arrive in Kolkata. Begin learning Bengali and getting to know the community. They discover they live next to Sonagacchi - Kolkata’s largest redlight district.
2001 - Hiltons meet with a group of women to discuss setting up a business for them. The women are wary of foreigners making promises to help…
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Thank you!
Freeset offers a big, “Thank you!” to the many people who have contributed to our success over the last 10 years!
We wish we could mention each of you by name but so many of you have sacrificed of your resources, time and energy to make Freeset a better place for the women. (Includes a photo-spread)
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In their own words
The women reflect on what working at Freeset means for them.
“I never look back to the life I had before. I am a free person now.” - Janata
“Freeset is very significant to me. It is a place for freedom… Freeset is for all the women in the line. This is the only place for their freedom. Whoever is not in the line can get a job anywhere but the women in line have no opportunity to get a decent job.” - Santoshi
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We hope you enjoy learning more about our journey.