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Get a hold of Calcutta Hilton, the documentary that explores the inspirational story of the Freeset business - available now on DVD.

Calcutta Hilton has screened on Link TV in the United States and on TV2, Shine TV, Maori TV and the Documentary Channel in New Zealand. It has also screened on TV in Australia.

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What's on the DVD?

DVD box
Calcutta Hilton, the TV documentary (23 mins)

Plus, over 2 hours of extra features including:

"Freeset: A Closer Look" documentary (23 mins)
* Go behind the scenes at Freeset and learn more about the day-to-day running of the business.

"Evie Explores Calcutta" extended featurette
* Learn more about the area in which Freeset is located. Includes a sari shopping expedition with some of the girls.

Extended interviews
* Kerry, Annie, Priya and Mena talk in depth about what Freeset means to them.

And more...

What people are saying about Calcutta Hilton:

A fascinating insight into a brave and inspirational enterprise.

What a wonderful story and what a wonderful bunch of people.

I was so uplifted when I watched [Calcutta Hilton] on Link TV. [It] always makes me happy to see people using their time on Earth to do good work.

In the midst of disappointment, this real life story brings hope and inspiration to humanity.

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