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We are all in this together

Millions of human beings are trafficked each year, stolen from their homes, sold by their families, left powerless by poverty.

Freeset combats the effects of trafficking by offering a choice to women who were sold into the sex trade.

We believe unequivocally that women, men and children are not objects to be bought and sold, but human beings with the right to be free.

How you can get involved

One of our fabulous creche teachers


Buy Freeset Products

Every product you purchase, contributes to the ongoing freedom of women. We make great looking bags you can use for your shopping, your laptop, or just to carry your stuff! Make a fashion statement by wearing a fair trade, organic cotton Freeset Tee. Let others know that their consumer dollar can make a real difference.

Sell Freeset products

You might like to consider selling Freeset products yourself. Set up a business that sells quality products that you can be proud of and know that you are making a difference in the world, bringing ongoing freedom from the sex trade to the women working at Freeset.

Work With Us

Sometimes we are looking for new staff - check out our Job Vacancies page to see if we need your skills!

Support the Freeset Trust

Freeset also runs a Trust to support the needs of the community in which we live. You can make a financial contribution to the Trust to help see our many projects come to fruition. There are several community projects in the pipeline including a new project that has just been launced, supporting the education of children in our community.

Learn With Us

Attend the three week Freedom Encounter. This is an experiential learning course designed to expose people to the idea of using business to facilitate freedom – specifically in urban and rural communities living in the shadow of human trafficking. Contact us at

Apply for the Freedom Exposure Internship program. This leadership and management program varies in length but can be up to one year of training and on-the-job learning. Contact us at


Freeset businesses meet their running costs from sales revenue, but there are still many projects that require donor funds. You can "invest" your money in Freeset, a "freedom business" by donating to help with capital intensive purchases such as new properties. These locations provide space for more women to be employed and for more services to be offered to the community. These projects really are investments that play an important role in providing a basis for ongoing income generation for women.