Weaving Freedom


Freeset Fabrics is weaving freedom into the lives of the women of West Bengal and their communities. We provide women at risk of being forced into roles that exploit and oppress them with an opportunity for fairly-paid employment and training in the production of beautiful hand-woven scarves. So much more than a length of woven fabric, our core collection is designed to enhance contemporary classic style and complement many occasions, telling a story of a journey to freedom.


Here at work we are valued

Vision & Values


Freeset Fabrics’ vision is to breathe life into poor, vulnerable communities and see them transformed through sustainable business. By empowering women with a reliable, fair income and committing to walking alongside them as they navigate life's challenges our goal is to see them gain more control over their own lives. This in turn impacts the coming generations as it becomes economically viable to keep children at school instead of sending them to work. The financial pressure to marry girls off at a young age also diminishes.

We want our business to work against the injustice and exploitation faced by women in the majority world. While acknowledging that employment is not the only answer to the troubles of women in rural India, it can play a significant role in effecting positive change. You, as a customer can contribute to this transformative change by purchasing the products the women at Freeset Fabrics make.



Beyond the loom…


Freeset Fabrics’ passion is manufacturing beautifully designed hand woven scarves for a growing global market. Our future plans go beyond scarves, combining traditional and contemporary weaving techniques to produce fabrics by the metre as well as home and fashion accessories. By adding more value through printing, dyeing, embroidery and sewing techniques, we will create jobs for an increasing number of women from vulnerable communities.

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