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Sales Partner Profile: Dan McKown (USA)

Posted by: Dave Cornish
Oct 20, 2014

The best thing about this work is that we are transforming lives... we are helping Freeset in their goal of finding freedom for women

When we came to this, we didn’t know anything about the anti-trafficking movement. We were trying to follow God’s lead and I went to Freeset in Kolkata with my wife, and God broke our hearts.


I have worked with Freeset for six years, since I retired. We were living on the West coast but moved back to Minnesota to be nearer to our children and grandchildren. I was contacted then by my former church, who had met Kerry and visited Freeset in India. Kerry wanted business advice. My official job title then was something like Director of Global Sales, Marketing and Distribution.

I work particularly with the North American distributors, redistributing contacts via the website to the correct distributors. I offer business counsel to Freeset bags and tees and to Kerry. I’m from a sales, marketing and distribution background - I worked for a large consumer company for 34 years.

Working across borders

It is interesting to work with international people. We couldn’t move to India but we could help from the ground here. I distributed product out of our garage for 4 years, and we facilitate the exchange of professional expertise for Freeset, people like Calvina (Nguyen- photographer). We do trade shows, meet anti-trafficking organisations, get the name out there and sell bags. We’ve even met the State Department. We connect with like-minded people.

I always remember something Kerry said, "We are not into rescue, but transformation". The best thing about this work is that we are transforming lives. We are helping Freeset in their goal of finding freedom for women and lots of our customers are social justice-minded people. I love the people I come into contact with, and their hearts for the world.

Moving forward

I want to attract people to get involved in leadership roles in this work, to get more people to go over into that environment, to work on the ground in India. I want to see Freeset move to the next level, to take production to the next level, to offer more freedom to more women, to get things off the ground in Murshidabad. I want to see a group of people come alongside Kerry and Annie, to see their work continued.

My favourite Freeset bag is the Hope bag. It’s partly the name - that’s what we are trying to give. It’s unique. It represents the opportunity to employ women with different skill sets: those who can’t sew, can braid.

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