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Sales Partner Profile: Kindred Apparel

Posted by: comms
Sep 26, 2014

If I were born into the same situations as the ladies of Freeset, I would hope that someone else would have the willingness to do something about it. Even if that someone else was half way around the world

Getting Involved

I met a lady named Deb Morris randomly in our town at a local market and she told me about the company. I had just finished a diploma in professional photography and had intentions to use it for humanitarian purposes. I’ve always had a heart for projects that make a difference. At that time the Fairtrade and the anti-trafficking movement were not commonly talked about. After hearing Deb’s stories I couldn’t not get involved. I knew it was only a matter of figuring out how my skills could be useful, and how I would get the Freeset products into Canada. I started working with Freeset in 2009.

Now, five years later, I only sell Freeset products. I also do graphic design & photos projects for friends, and enjoy tinkering on creative media platforms. I do have to work another fulltime job. Selling Freeset bags pays for itself but it’s not yet enough to live on! It’s my goal to be able to continously grow and increase the impact I have on behalf of Freeset.

Worth the effort

Getting involved in Freeset was a no-brainer. The need was overwhelming, pertinent, authentic. How could I not respond? I’ve learned a lot about myself from my time with Freeset. Mostly that I find motivation in helping other people and that I get excited about finding and learning new ways to meet those needs.

I’m also a bit of a workaholic, I really enjoy it, and lucky for me there is never a shortage of things that need doing. Perhaps the best thing about working with Freeset is that I know my efforts are never wasted. None of the work I do is in vain. I can always justify sitting down and making as much time as needed to respond to customers or building into this business.

My efforts through Freedom Enterprises consists of online sales, wholesaling the Freeset’s retail line to stores or people who sell it at events or markets, and facilitating custom orders. Any way I can find to move a bag or shirt, I’ll do it.

Favorite Things

My favourite Freeset bags are probably the Horizon Feathers, or the Spree Chevron. They’re popular items with my peergroup in this part of the world.

My hobbies include photography, and cooking. I love to whip up crazy epic dinners for my friends and family. I’m known for my Mexican meals, all from scratch.

I’m a firm beliver in Freeset’s business model but especially proud of the quality products they produce while being focused on making a difference. I am so glad to be a part of the Freeset team.

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