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Sales Partner Profile: Mark Wakeling (UK)

Posted by: David Cornish
Jun 24, 2014

Mark Wakeling wants to see a UK customer base practising "caring consumption" and views selling Freeset bags as a way to make a tangible difference...

A worldwide problem

I’ve been working with charities and non-profits for 20 years, organizations that are working to provide ways out for women who have been trafficked or are working in prostitution. I first connected with Freeset in 2005. What they were doing in Kolkata tied in so well with what I had been doing.

I was living in London, and there were some large red light districts there, but no support groups or ways out for those women. So we started a charity, doing street outreach and finding out what their needs were. We now work with Beyond the Streets, an organization working for the good of women in the sex trade in the UK.

Making a difference

We run our business as a for-profit social enterprise. We are a business making a social impact. I am inspired by seeing people being given opportunities, and persevering in hard circumstances, and by being able to encourage people on that journey.

The best thing about working with Freeset is the opportunity it gives to make a tangible difference. In the UK it can be a long journey to seeing change; it happens differently in India.

In our business, we want to see things grow, to see more opportunities for women, and for the customer base here in the UK to be making better choices. Instead of the cheapest or most easily available purchase, I want to see them practising thoughtful consumption, caring consumption.

My favourite Freeset bag is the Territory Act. My favourite film is “The Lord of the Rings”. I can’t separate them to pick one out! It’s a brilliant story and it’s been transferred to film well.

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